Frequently Asked Question!

Your all reports and scans will be evaluated. So do not forget to carry them along. The consultation will start with taking your entire medical history relevant to the complaint that you mention in the consent form. You will go through an assessment and evaluation which will ask about your present condition of pain or disorder or discomfort.  End of the consultation, a thorough explanation will be given about how we go further with the sessions and what form of treatment will be chosen for you.

Yes, definitely it will. We will be doing assessments in the same way as we do in the clinic.

They are done either over zoom call, Skype, Gmail hangout or What’s App call once the fees are prepaid

Generally, it takes 30-40 mins. We take time with our consultations to make sure what the patient is going through physiologically and how our treatment will help bring the change and explain in layman’s terms the same thing to them. When the patient understands the disease/discomfort and how the therapy will help in reversing it, the patient heals faster!

It is not necessary to have a prescription or a referral in order to participate in our programs.

Yes! We do. We also try to create awareness regarding it as most people are unaware that most of the therapies that they take are claimable.

We believe in a holistic way to treat discomforts & diseases. This is only applicable in non-emergency conditions.